The different soldering methods of electronic components

refusion electronic componentsToday I would like to present the soldering machines of electronic components in the printed circuits’ manufacturing process. The soldering machines are used when the components are surface mounted when creating the circuit board (see the previous section for the definition of surface mounted components “Electronic surface mount components: the pick-and-place machines” ). There are two commonly used methods: the reflow soldering method and the method of wave soldering. Let’s discover together the specifics of each method.

The reflow soldering method

This method is used for cards comprising only SMD components or components that can then be soldered by the reflow soldering technique.

Following the screen printing process, the card passes through an oven where the heat will allow the solder paste to melt. There are different methods of fusion:

– Welding by vapour or by condensation

– The hot air welding soldering machine

– Welding iron

–  Infra-red welding

The most modern method used still remains the welding vapor. The component is heated for about 10 seconds at a defined temperature.

The method of wave soldering

The principle of wave soldering is used when the circuit consists of CMS and traditional components. Must file a dot of glue to the future locations of the components. The method of wave soldering is to pass automatically, by conveying the circuit and causing components through a wave soldering tin presentations on the circuit components.

Worth knowing..

Since the 1rst of July 2006, a European Directive prohibits the use of lead. Changes trained by this decision directly affected the electronics sector that has taken its provisions on this technological change. In fact, before this date solders were made tin-lead. Now the new alloys for brazing are made from tin, silver or copper.

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